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Originally Posted by CCLSVTM3 View Post
Ok, so interesting night. Tonight, I was feeling like a nice Tommy's burger so I decided to head that way. As I'm coming to a stop on Burbank Blvd, I pull up next to a awesome blue 911 turbo. I heard a little rev come from the 911 and saw as he inched forward a bit. I know my M3 had no chance but I dont care, so I hit the "M" button and wait for the light. Light turns green and we (or I thought we) both floored it. I launch and in first gear I'm a good car length ahead of the 911 Turbo. Now I'm wondering why because with AWD, I know that there is no way I could beat a Turbo out of the hole. Then I hear the sound of a jet engine (or the 911's turbos) as the Turbo blows by me like I'm standing still as I'm shifting into 2nd gear!!!! He was obviously toying with me!!!! But that is an awesome car!!! The way it looked and the way it sounded as it dusted me... We then stop at the next red light and he had a huge smile on his face!!! I told him that he had a bad ass car and gave him the thumbs up....

This is the whole reason why people have a S/C amagine that... lmao it would of turned from toying to destroying