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Originally Posted by checkmate View Post
The driving experience is what corvette traditionalists require. It's rash to expect the corvette to perform as good as or better than the M3. (subjective) The vette's gearing/performance is perfect for its targets in the continental US.

People keep forgetting that 98% of car owners (no matter what brand) do not take their cars to the track.

In a country where the majority of roads are straight, a track oriented car like the M3 is just wasted. Take this forum for example, please spend upto $70k getting a 414hp/295tq car to only desire more power. Case and point, the infatuation with supercharging which adds anywhere from $15-25k on top of the car.

All this would've been great if the frame of the M3 could take the extra power-anybody forget the E46 M3 debacle? These cars are not built to handle gobs of torque without proper reinforcements. This was validated during my visit to a reputed indy shop in Philly that specializes in beemers.
Confused. On the track, especially, a Corvette will destroy an M3, particularly if you are talking Z06 or ZR1.
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