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Originally Posted by erm324 View Post
I'm not proud of it, actually I was saying how the PSS are such good tires that I have perfect traction even with a blower from a 40.
Guess that depends on temperature and other conditions right? Surprising you have traction since I don't. We all know that these blowers really show their true colors on top and down low the gain is pretty minimal. Maybe you need me to tune it.

Originally Posted by erm324 View Post
Lately I usually sit back and have a high tolerance to stupidity, but when people post asinine comments such as "I have SERIOUS traction issues with my new BPM tune....omg....massive increases in torque.....completely different car....." which are completely misleading I cant help but laugh.
Sit back in your ESS fanboy couch and chair and laugh... but the jokes on you! I love it how you're commenting on something you don't even have. I do have SERIOUS traction issues in first if I punch it. In second, not all the time but sometimes. There is a massive increase in torque, and it does feel like a completely different car. Ask anyone that has it and they will tell you. You can run around here with your skeptism but at the end of the day you're commenting on something you don't have. How intelligent is that?

Originally Posted by erm324 View Post
I'd rather read a 335 vs M3 thread or a "which is better DCT or 6MT" than read exaggerated bs about 10whp (at the most) gains. Do you have a dynosheet you could show me of these drastic increases?
Sure - see the torque curve? Yeah.. ~20 wheel torque is pretty noticable.. In fact, when I flash my car back to stock the car feels completely anemic. But again, you're commenting on something you never had just because you are a hater. But that's cool, there are ALWAYS people who hate when someone has something remarkable.

Originally Posted by erm324 View Post
Funny how your tone in this post is completely different than that PM you just sent me. Next time don't PM me complaining, I'm very open with my opinions and I am open to being proven wrong given you have dynographs, race videos, times (vbox/track), or anything that proves the efficacy of the tune. As of now, I'll chalk it up to a placebo effect.
The PM I sent you said to remove the stick from your rear end. From your attitude you clearly have an axe to grind, but I'm used to people like you who have nothing positive to contribute. Many of my customers have had seconds shaved off of their lap times with the software. I have nothing to prove to you, the software speaks for itself. You don't like it, don't buy it. There are well over 100 cars out there with the software, if it wasn't what everyone says it is then I think we'd know by now.

Oh... and you mentioned that an N/A M3 won't lose traction in second gear ... here's a couple videos I took just for you:

1st gear:

And since you said punching it in second wouldn't cause a loss (I even had to let off and get back on to stop from going sideways since it's hard to take a video and drive at the same time):

You'll notice it loses traction right around the peak gain in wheel torque from the dyno

Before the tune it would have likely not lost traction there. Temps are 61F outside also. Now go enjoy your car and I'll enjoy mine. Your mother should have taught you that if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything. I will always put my money where my mouth is.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming.. PS: Do you still have the ESS Blower on your car now?

Looks like you sold it.... Why? Becuase you had problems? Bet you didn't know I'm aware of what happened

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