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Thank you for sharing the pictures chriszeh. Please post up some more once they are mounted on the car!

Originally Posted by Class-of-2013 View Post
So you test fitted (4) 18x10 ET25 w/ 275/35/18 to your car and it works well? No spacers?
18x10" ET25 is by far one of the most popular and easy to use track set ups on the E9X M3. That's the great thing about the E9X M3 chassis. Amazing grip is so easily achievable with an extremely easy bolt on lighter and wider 18x10" ET25 and 275/35/18 wheel and tire set up.
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I don't think that this is true (or at least entirely true). I run 18x10.5 +25 square with 275 and 285 RS3s. While I am required to have a 5mm spacer up front with my KW sleeve kit, the previous owner of the wheels/tires didn't run any spacers with his KW CS coilovers.
The debate over whether the 18x10" ET25 and 275/35/18 will clear a KW Club Sport kit can sometimes be confusing. Inner strut clearance is very dependent on your current ride height (location of the spring perch relative to the wheel and tire) and tire type. If the spring perch is next to or lower than the wheel and tire than a 5mm wheel spacer will most likely be needed. The lower helper spring is usually the determining factor and unnecessarily extends the whole spring down much further than needed. The helper spring can be removed with out any ill affects as long as the spring perch is then adjusted all the way up to compensate for the change in the length of the spring assembly.

A summer 275/35/18 street tire will have a much higher chance of clearing the KW Club Sport's spring assembly compared to a larger running 275/35/18 extreme performance tire like a Hankook RS3 or R-Compound tire like the NT01.
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i have a 12mm on the rear and none on the front. sounds like i may be okay with what you are running? it will be close, my math is foggy. i think im 1mm more pushed out than you?
Using a 12mm wheel spacer in the rear with an 18x10" ET25 wheel is very similar to installing an 18x11" ET25 in the rear. The 18x10" ET25 with a 12mm wheel spacer will sit 1mm more conservatively on the car compared to the 18x11" ET25. The 18x11" ET25 wheel with a 295/30/18 tire is a commonly recommended set up by us that should not have rubbing issues and is usually reserved for those that have much higher power levels requiring more rear grip.
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I know KWs on E46s had a larger shock body and a helper spring which interfered with wider tires. Not sure if that is case on the E9X...I believe Porschefile had some fitment issue.
That is correct, the E46 M3 Kw kits utilize a cone shaped OEM style front spring which significantly reduces and hinders front wheel and tire area. The E46 non-M kits utilize a helper spring, like the E9X M3 KW Club Sport kit, that also significantly reduces front wheel and tire area up front.