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Originally Posted by ///GoINFas View Post
I just ran over what I believe was a 4x4 piece of lumber that somebody left in the road. I was doing about 60 and the car in front of ne swerved at the last second. I may or may not have been messing with my idrive... The tire that hit (left front) did not blow but there is a 3-4 inch section that is beginning to separate from the wheel and was noisier on the way home which was only about .5 mile. As far as I can tell there doesn't seem to be any visible damage or leaks anywhere and the alignment is even still good. The only light that came on was for a brake lamp malfunction in the right rear which I thought was odd. I fully intend on taking it in and having it checked out but if anyone here has any input as to likely damage I would appreciate it. Is it possible that it was just really loud and scared the bejeezus out of me? EDC was set to comfort if that helps. At least I just ordered tires a couple days ago.
bring the car somewhere! prob needs a tire, but really man how the hell are people over the computer gonna diagnose what you hit and damaged??