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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
Once I finish tuning these cars in Germany this morning, I'm going to go downstairs, hop in my m3 which has massive torque increases, and make a video on the way to the coffee shop.

The video I posted of me launching is one of the few times I've had good traction in first. If I punch it in first at anytime above 3K it will spin for sure.

I've driven well over 100 M3's stock and tuned so I think I know the difference. Glad you're proud of being able to spin with a blower Stay 'tuned'.
I'm not proud of it, actually I was saying how the PSS are such good tires that I have perfect traction even with a blower from a 40. Lately I usually sit back and have a high tolerance to stupidity, but when people post asinine comments such as "I have SERIOUS traction issues with my new BPM tune....omg....massive increases in torque.....completely different car....." which are completely misleading I cant help but laugh. I'd rather read a 335 vs M3 thread or a "which is better DCT or 6MT" than read exaggerated bs about 10whp (at the most) gains. Do you have a dynosheet you could show me of these drastic increases?

Funny how your tone in this post is completely different than that PM you just sent me. Next time don't PM me complaining, I'm very open with my opinions and I am open to being proven wrong given you have dynographs, race videos, times (vbox/track), or anything that proves the efficacy of the tune. As of now, I'll chalk it up to a placebo effect.

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