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Originally Posted by adc View Post
Actually I think Audi did that in their new TT V8.

They all have to do some magic tricks to keep things smooth and expensive feeling, which adds weight and complexity. Vettes have always had mid-twenties highway MPG's, don't see where this one really improves the numbers that much. In the case of the Vette it has more to do with very low weight, very tall gearing (which works well with a torquey engine) and relatively low drag.

When you take a Vette engine and install it into a heavy sedan body, you get a highway fuel economy similar to the M3's.

Anecdotal, but during my Euro Delivery when I was driving very long stretches of highway I was averaging over 21mpg in the M.
it's not difficult to get MPGs in the low 20's on the M if you're not driving too spiritedly. Most of my road trips average anywhere from 21-23mpg with a fully loaded car. that's not how the EPA rates it though.

the last Vette was rated at 26mpg - this new one is supposed to be higher than that (close to 30). therefore, if you drive it reasonably, I'll bet you that you could get just over 30mpgs on the highway.