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Originally Posted by advans
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Hmm. I'm not sure what degree kelvin the BMS LED's are. Their website indicates 7000K but the product I received doesn't identically match the product on the website. I'm guessing they're somewhere around 6500K as in person the OEM LED's look a bit more bluish.
The color temperatures that they tell you are bullshit. Tungsten lamps are 2900k, standard halogens are about 2700-3000k. Metal Halide (HID) sources in parking lots are 4500-5000k.

Also, I need to clarify with people. Not many understand LEDs. Some vendors tell people that they have a "high wattage" LED, ie, 20-watts, it really doesn't explain much. They can have the same product, overdrive the LEDs, and cause premature failure. Also, the higher the wattage, the more effective their heatsinks would need to be.

The reason why different vendors have different "5000k" colors is because of the binning of the LEDs, theoretically ANSI-BINNED LEDs have a 7-step MacAdam Ellipse standard (color shifting). That's why different batches can vary in different colors, unless they have a tight 2-3 step binning process.

Also, last most important. Trust vendors that TELL you what LED chips they use. I believe Mtec uses CREE, which is a name brand. Along with Nichia, Samsung, Citizen, etc.
Good info, thanks for sharing that
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