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Originally Posted by Dave07997S View Post
I have this setup, I find the DTC intervention to really be a non issue. It is a tad more premature, but I am shocked on how far it still lets you go. If you really want to drive like a hooligan just turn it off.

I respect 4corners opinion but I think he means a 265/30/19 not a 255/30/19. I for one don't like the 265/30/19 up front as its not even 25.5" tall and find the sidewall lacking. There is really no issue running GTS sizes on a ZCP car. I have been doing it since the car was new..27k miles ago.

So is there no real handling advantage? is it just the wider setup looks good? If that's the case then it will be worth sticking to oe sizes. I was only thinking if it was much better its worth considering especially before buying new rubber.