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[/quote]All of the major BBK kits weight about the same as OEM brakes (a little less than std to be fair), which was a big turnoff to me. I DIDN'T BUY THIS KIT BECAUSE I'M CHEAP!!! I bought this kit because I come from a racing history and for my application this I talked to their service department for hours, trust me, they know their Sh*t.

Oh I'm prob letting the cat out of the bag, but someone already asked about. "Why only a 4 pot setup?" Lets just say RB has a surprise for us next season with something bigger and badder (?) for the front end and we can still use the 4 pot calipers on the rear! Sorry RB, but people needed to know that so please DON'T hate me!!!!! Plus now the pressure is on to finish your R&D earlier! [/quote]

Misleading information. !!
I also contacted racing brake and exchanged info with Alex and Kristin and was informed that they are Not working on a rear caliper upgrade.

Link above shows Stoptech 355 kit for 2200 which is less than racing brake kit an offers the rear bbk set so the option is there for the future.
Please clarify

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