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Originally Posted by Holander View Post
If you don´t believe me, read here

" It's my understanding the biggest single challenge that Paul Rosch and the Motorsport engineers had was keeping the harmonic balances on the nose of the crankshaft healthy and on the engine. I've read the balancers would nearly be glowing from the heat induced due to the engine harmonics generated at high RPM. "

V8 or V6 is more better layot to make higrevving (10000-18000rpm) engine.
highlighted bit..sorry, but no, i have to correct you. it's the OPPOSITE

V6's are inherently unbalanced engines, inline 6's are the balanced ones, the only reason V6's are used is they're more compact.

there's a reason you find supras and skylines (moreso skylines at ultra high) .. revving high

an RB26 can happily hit 11,000rpm with appropriate work
a 2jz can happily hit 9000-10,000RPM, BMW's M3 inline 6's can also happily rev their heads off no worries, near 8000rpm factory.

neither of those are difficult to achieve

high revving V6? LOL getting a V6 to not rattle itself to bits at 10,000RPM would be a MENTAL challenge.. the only reason a V8 can rev fairly high is they're generally larger bore shorter stroke setups and they have primary, but not secondary balance... inline 4's are the same, they are half balanced

the only time you'll ever see a V6 above 10k is in a full race spec car that won't really last more than a single race, everything toleranced to fractions of a gram.

i personalyl know of a lot of super high RPM inline 6's that are driven on the street, then on the track, then on the street, without ever having a single issue.

a V6 has NO BALANCE AT ALL.. same as an inline 3, ever driven a kei type car? (suzuki alto etc.).. at idle they SHAKE like a mofo, they're VERY not smooth.

this is another good link: - some differences between V/I

ED: search for 'balance' in these articles, it's a perfect explanation.. erp linked straight to it for you

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