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Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
..... No

An engine that has primary and secondary harmonic balance CANNOT have a high rpm vibration unless the crank is improperly weighted which has nothing to do with the length

If they produced harmonic vibrations, they would have a balancer more like i4 or v6 or v8.

Inline 6 motors are popupar BECAUSE they have no issues at high rpm.. It's like saying a rotary has high rpm vibration issues because of balance. Totally laughable.
If you don´t believe me, read here

" It's my understanding the biggest single challenge that Paul Rosch and the Motorsport engineers had was keeping the harmonic balances on the nose of the crankshaft healthy and on the engine. I've read the balancers would nearly be glowing from the heat induced due to the engine harmonics generated at high RPM. "

V8 or V6 is more better layot to make higrevving (10000-18000rpm) engine.

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