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Originally Posted by pbonsalb View Post
Everyone who has bought a $1000 tune would like to believe the tune is adding power and that any gains are not just the normal variation between dyno runs. After all, the tuners claim their tunes add 10-15 rwhp and they have presumably spent lots of time dynoing their tunes. I would like to think they would have observed what you report and would be honest about their claims.

But you have a lot of experience modding, have talked to a lot of tuner, have spent more time than most of us on dynos, and are not trying to sell anything, so your comment is interesting. My view is that these 12.0:1 compression cars are really heat and knock sensitive and tend to "lie down" when they get hot, making less power. Perhaps newer software, whether factory or aftermarket, that improves the knock control is helping the power be more consistent.

With the proceed and meth kit, i got really close to the 400whp and i dont worry about being heat soaked
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