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Originally Posted by NavNurs View Post
Davo- Who are you dealing with at Superior? How do you know where you are in line? When did you place your deposit?

Angela seems quite helpful though has yet to tell me where I am in line. My guess is this isn't static and will change once pricing comes out. I wonder what their allotment will be and how this will compare to dealers in So Cal.
I put my deposit in about 8 weeks ago I think. She said I was 6th. I am sure though some people drop orders or change their minds on when they want delivery, especially when dealing with deployed personnel, so that may be why she doesn't quote "place" in line now. Yes, she has been great to deal with, I am anxiously waiting for more info. not really a peep though since placing the deposit. My guess is little info will be forthcoming until November...just a guess, hope I am wrong though.
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