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What do you think? (iDrive, DVD plays while driving)

So ironically enough I was looking on the forums to see how to make it so I can have a DVD playing on my 09 while driving (for the passenger ofcourse). I saw the diffrent options, and as I left the house to go pick up a pack of smokes I wanted to see what happens on the factory set-up.

So I grabbed a DVD and headed to the car. Popped the DVD in and started playing it, then I though thats pretty cool (I didn't) know it could play DVDs stock. SO then I lowered my E-Brake handle and it just didn't stop playing... I figured it would stop when the vehicle started moving, it didn't. I drove to the Walgreens and back and it just kept on like nothing was going on.

To give you a bit of a background on the car, I bought it around Aug 2012, at BMW of Tucson, and it had some sort of a lazer jammer that I figured out was a Blinder, and some white Angel Eyes, which I figured were stock on the newer models as I was coming from an 07 335i. That was about as far as the previous owner went with, or so I thought untill the discovery of the DVD thing.

There are no extra lights or switches in the cabin besides the one from the Blinder. Is there any way to check if maybe some sort of module was installed somewhere, and if so where is the most likely place for it to be? Also I don't think the car is coded because it still warns me about the seatbelt and the passenger window stops rolling up/down if door is opened.

Any ideas you might have?

Untill I really started thinking about it I just assumed it was smartTV, but it would be nice to narrow it down...
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