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Originally Posted by alms211 View Post
You would be dead wrong. Montoya (a damn good driver) is imperical evidence. With equal equipment he cannot best the likes of a Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Jimmy Johnson, et al.

It is just a different type of race, a different type of car with completely different driving and handling characteristics. You proved my theory in your last sentence -- re: Kimi in WRC races.

I would bet that if each series selected 5 of their best drivers within their own series and had them drive 10 ten laps in a Cup Car, 10 laps in an F1 car, 10 laps in a Daytona Prototype car and 10 laps in a GT car and record the aggregate lap times, Tony Stewart (assuming he can still fit in an F1 car) or Jeff Gordon would have the best overall time. Why? becasue they have driven open wheel cars many times (Stewart in Indy cars) and the Cup car is the most difficult to drive and is the one they drive for a living. would lose that bet. A few years ago, Jeff gordon and jpm swapped cars at the Indy. Gordon driving the f1 on the f1 course and jpm driving NASCAR on the oval. Can't recall exact figures but it was something like......within a few laps jpm was within a second of the fastest lap of the NASCAR race and Gordon's best lap of the day was more that 5 secs off the fastest f1 lap. Gordon would've missed qualifying by more than 2 secs.