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Originally Posted by carve View Post
Me owning a gun does nothing to others except providing the means to defende liberty should it ever become necessary.
The fact remains, Adam Lanza's mother could have uttered that exact sentence 1 year ago, and nobody would have disputed it. At that time, few would have branded her an irresponsible gun owner.

In your case, perhaps there is no unbalanced person who could possibly get your guns, even if they broke into your house when you are not there. Fair enough.

But is that true for every gun owner who could utter that sentence today ? Probably not. If I wanted to keep my guns and stop the current legislation, I'd work on an argument which does not deny that fact, but acknowledges it and provides an answer to that concern.

Even the mental background checks on gun and ammo buyers being discussed would not have made any difference at Sandy Hook. They'd have to be far more intrusive, to cover anyone in your life who could possibly get at the gun.

Last time I got car insurance, I was asked who else has access to driving the car.

Perhaps the NRA would enjoy a more sympathetic ear from non-gun owners if they threw that on the table, and said, we'd support these more intrusive checks for immediate family, etc.