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Originally Posted by justice league View Post
Listen don't paint all officers with the same brush. If you think their job isn't dangerous on a daily basis how about going out with them for a ride along. Police officers are the reason we can all sleep safely at night in our homes and carry out our day to day lives in our bubbles. It's always nice that you put all your confidence in he Toronto star by the way as they publish stories after its been edited to suit them.

Think of a country where we policed ourselves and be grateful for what you have. Think about it for a second.
I don't need to paint them all with the same brush. They do a pretty good job of that themselves. And I don't owe them anything. They don't "protect" us out of the goodness of their hearts, nor because they love us so much. They do it because it's their job, for which they are VERY WELL compensated financially. Other than GM workers in Oshawa, what other job can pay a 6 digit salary while having a high school degree listed as the minimum job requirement?

And if you love and trust the cops so much, what do you have to say about what they did in the G20? Were they also "serving" and "protecting" the public when they falsely arrested, beat up, and tortured innocent civilians and trampled on our constitutional rights all in the name of "security"?

But hey, thanks for playing along.