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Originally Posted by guentherkapp View Post
Please allow me to state first – I am sorry to ask these questions, but all of my searches did not give me the answers I was looking for.

My questions are
How much louder will the Evolution exhaust be with the GT4 X-pipe? Assuming the OP has the X-pipe with the two 100psi cats and the resonators.
Would the evolution exhaust be too loud with the GT4 X-pipe (no cats and no resonators), meaning noise levels like the Eisenmann Race, RPI, Kreissieg with valves open, etc…?

I have found video clips of the GT4 x-pipe paired with other mufflers, but not with the Akra mufflers.
I am also considering to take the cold start out for the cat less setup.
itll be significantly louder as no cats and no resonators are pretty much straight pipe. but hope you do know that the gt4 x pipe alone is about 3.3k as it is a hand made product.
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