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Wanted to revive this thread and see how everyone's car is doing with the trans rattle. I just picked up an 08 with 12k miles and was very surprised to hear the trans rattle that everyone is reporting as "normal." What concerns me is this sound is identical to the trans rattle I get in my 88M5 that has a sport trans (G280). This sound among early model M5 guys is infamous and well documented. The rolling noise is from the input shaft bearing failing.., and the clacking noise is from the lay-shaft for 5th gear. I've heard the e90 6 speed trans has a similar layout.

So, what concerns me is that over time, say after 80-100k miles, this noise starts to get really bad. Bad enough to be heard by the car next to you while in stop and go traffic. If I can hear this noise at 12k.., what's it gonna sound like at 50k ?

I wonder if I sat in a new e90 would i still hear the trans noise ?