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Originally Posted by M3PO View Post
I'm not in a rush, all I wanted was some communication. I don't recall if I said call or text but when I PMed, I don't see why you couldn't respond and update me. You made it seem like it was going to be soon. When it didn't happen in a couple of weeks, I sent you a PM so you could respond at your leisure. You had plenty of activity on the forum and I'm sure you saw it so I don't know why you didn't just shoot me a quick response.

It's not directly related to PYSpeed but I think it reflects on you, how you do things, and may handle them as one of their employees. Especially when the previous issue with PYSpeed was partially communication related, and that's the bulk of the issue here. You created an issue for me, a personal "customer" of yours, we agreed on how to fix it, but now communication is lacking. I just hope that you represent PYSpeed better, otherwise it seems like we are in for more of the same from them.

Okay, I'm done Please contact me when the brackets are available.
We will make sure Brandon resolves this issue with you (on his personal account).