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Originally Posted by M3PO View Post
Bottom line, you ignored my PM. You wanna tell me your sob story, great, I'll be willing to listen. I'll understand and give you all of the time you need. All you had to do was respond to my PM. It's easy.

I'm not here to rehash the details of the deal. Sure, you sold it to me cheap but you seem to be forgetting that I went out of my way to get drive up to get it and you hadn't even uninstalled it. I took it off in a damn parking lot because I'd already driven an hour to get it before I knew it was still on the car. That's the only reason the issue began. Also, just because it was cheap isn't some kind of justification for you to renege on part of the deal.

I'm not in any rush but since you ignored my PM, I assumed that you weren't interested in holding up that part of the deal so I gave up. But now that you are a public figure on the forum, I figured it would be good for everyone to know how you like to do business.
I'm not arguing yes it's my fault for taking so long but you told me to text or call you anytime I got it off and I haven't yet which is why I'm offering to buy you new ones. This has nothing to do with PYSpeed or how I do business. You have my phone number you could have just called me! If your in a really big rush I am more than willing to go get you a set ! I have done personal business with so many members on this forum I'm not a person who doesn't keep my word so let me know maybe I can just get them shipped to you.