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Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post
Unlucky for you, my brother and his wife are both confined to wheelchairs and they have been mugged, 3 times for my brother. This last time was inside a lowes bathroom in a very nice part of town. Someone had seen them frequent this lowes while ringing the bell for the salvation army at christmas time. They waited for my brother to go into the bathroom and when he was in there the stole the basket on the front of his chair which contained his cell phone, wallet, radio, etc.. So yeah, these things happen.
Unlucky for me? More like, unlucky for your brother and his wife. I'm sorry to hear this happened; I know others in a chair, and they dont make it sound like they are often targeted, despite their increased vulnerability. I know a guy who's not in a chair and has been beaten and robbed more then I've heard the chair bound folks talk about it.

Maybe it is apples and oranges, maybe it's crazy to suggest that if people in other places can live an entire life without buying guns out of fear that their own government is coming to get them, then maybe I should be able to aspire to sleep that soundly too.

Perhaps the following statement will sound odd: I can't quickly think of a better way to word it: if others in modern civilized democracies get to enjoy a certain level of freedom (freedom of fear from being shot, freedom of fear the gov will harm me), then why cant I have that too ? What happened to "greatest country in the world" and all that? Doesn't anyone at all the idea I'm trying to convey here??

As far as I can tell, these people elsewhere dont endure absolute misery or anything in most other aspects of their life to enjoy such freedoms. OK, they cant as easily carry a gun with them to the grocery store, but they dont seem to feel they need one while buying eggs. They can (and do) buy guns for hunting in places like Canada and Australia, so I'm not advocating a total ban, clearly a total ban isnt needed to get to a much safer place.

Of course we'll never get to 100% safety. Some comments people make about the fact there are still some shootings in these other places, so therefore even moderate gun control is a total waste of time, is an argument I dont get. That's like saying having 100 preventable deaths is not better than having 1000 preventable deaths. Of course zero preventable deaths is better, but we all agree that will never happen.