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Originally Posted by MediaArtist View Post
All I ask is for you to answer the following question honestly.

If Manzanar were expanded to encompass the entire state of California and it's 30,000,000 citizens, do you think it would be easier to accomplish with an armed populace, or unarmed?
If that extremely implausible scenario where to unfold, then yes of course, it would be easier to do so if nobody was armed.

If If If... If the sea level rises 10 feet, millions would flood, they should focus on moving to higher ground right away. If my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle. That's playing the game that never ends...

I beleive (and of course you are free to disagree) that many other things that are far more likely than the Gov locking down the state whose GDP is larger than that of all but 8 countries on the entire planet. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

You are more likely to die in a car accident in the next 5 years, than to witness a Nazi-Germany style transformation here, I think many would agree with that.

If you accept that is a reasonable statement, than for every minute you spend worrying about this legislation, do you spend 2 or more minutes bolting armor onto your car to increase your chance of surviving a collision ? The bigger risk should attract more attention, right? Or, do you ignore that, and focus your worry on events which are not likely to happen, and ignore the real and present dangers in todays' world.