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Al, I think I read in another post of yours that you own no firearms and have no children. I'm sorry but you assume a lot of things, which is especially interesting considering you have basically no experience with firearms at all. You're coming off as pretty much the typical liberal democrat (which I know you're not based on some of your past discussions). Most of the hard liner gun control advocates around the country right now have absolutely no experience with firearms except what they see in the movies. In your last big post, it almost seems as if you would be for a complete firearms ban. Really?

To expand on what MediaArtist said, it most certainly isn't harmless. The POTUS is using Executive Order to push a political agenda that doesn't solve anything, and will spend even more money. That in itself is a dangerous path, and anyone who truly respects freedom should be concerned. In NY State, it's a bit different but not really. A law shouldn't be passed if it is pointless, that's the bottom line. Allowing them to pass because you think they don't hurt anyone is even worse.

Putting the corrupt government taking over the people argument aside, what about people who hunt? What about people who compete? What about those who want to defend their homes and families? They aren't allowed to because a miniscule amount of guns are used to kill people in mass? There is a better solution, and the politicians are just using people's emotion to pass something as soon as possible instead of taking the time to logically think about proper legislation that will address a myriad of issues, one of which is PROPER ENFORCEMENT of current regulations. Like I said before, they can come up with whatever laws they want, but if they aren't enforced it will just be a joke. This is a slippery slope to further regulation and a future complete firearms ban.
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