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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
I've never said I support that particular legislation. It's pointless, but it's also as harmless as it is pointless.
It's not harmless. Precedent is never "harmless". It's not the job of politicians to enact "behind closed door" legislation just to sooth fears with "harmless" laws. Legislation needs to solve problems which YOU admit, this does not.

What if NY passed a law that they wanted to curb speeding by eliminating the ability to purchase cars that are capable of going over 60 MPH, and banned BMW, Porsche, Ferrari sales. Would you still believe the legislation is harmless? Speed related car accidents kill FAR more people than guns.

Of course you wouldn't agree with that. You'd likely say "Well, I never speed wrecklessly, and I don't even have any speeding tickets. It's the people who drive beyond their capability and hurt others with their wreckless actions after multiple DUIs who should be banned from buying Ferrari. Not me!" ... and you know what? You would be right. The fact is, no one NEEDS a Ferrari, but people want a Ferrari.

I think the most dangerous part of this legislation is people like you think passing "harmless" laws without putting them in front of the people is a harmless action, and you willingly support these people taking away our rights to legally purchase guns we want based simply on the actions of a deranged psycho. It's not ok, it's not harmless as you claim. We are harmed, and we didn't commit the crimes that lead to this legislation.

Why are you giving up your democratic rights so easily?
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