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Originally Posted by MediaArtist View Post
Then why support and pass the legislation? It's pointless.
I've never said I support that particular legislation. It's pointless, but it's also as harmless as it is pointless. Nobody is taking your guns away, they're just making you reload a bit more frequently.

What I've said is that the opposition to such legislation on the grounds that it dismantles the 2nd amendment (or that the 2nd amendment even still provides any sort of deterrent to gov tyranny), are both false premises for an argument, and does nothing to paint the opposer as a reasonable, open-minded, logical individual whose opinion should be seriously considered.

It is pointless, but I also think that in today's climate, the idea that the pro-gun crowd should not have to budge 1 inch on anything, and the anti-gun crowd should give up and walk away with nothing, well, that probably ain't gonna fly either.

Dont argue against the 7 round mag because it's a big step towards enabling the next Hitler on American soil, that makes you sound like a doomsday-prepper style loony to a large chunk of the population. Argue against it because you have a better idea, and present those ideas (like some on this board have thoughtfully done).