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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
Yes I have. That did happen, and it's easy to make the argument that it's a form of government tyranny all right.

Too bad the 2nd amendment wasnt already in place by 1942, because an armed populace would have been an effective deterrent against the gov doing stuff like that to it's own people.

Oh wait....
You have to also imagine the times that this happened. Again you miss some important points from that event. People, especially in large groups, love to have someone or something to blame. When the Japanese attacked pearl harbor, it wasn't fighter planes that were the chosen evil, it was the Japanese. Much like with recent events, the people want something to blame and it would be politically incorrect to blame the mentally ill, not to mention that is too broad a category. So now we have an emotional hatred for guns, much like in the 40's how there was an emotional hatred for the Japanese. The scare was that any asian looking person could be a planted spy or assassin, or part of a secret military getting ready to strike from within. This sweeping emotion back then managed to round up as many asian looking people as they could "for the greater good".

"Why did this not happen after 9-11?" Glad you asked! Because there is a big difference in society between the 40's and now, err well 11 years ago. It would be politically incorrect to incarcerate anyone of arab decent. There were plenty of people who in the aftermath of 9-11 would have loved nothing more. Constant news stories about how muslims were being discriminated against in the U.S. on an almost daily basis. Fortunately for them, in the instant media coverage world we live in that would never have worked unless if it were covert and it probably would have made things worse.