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Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post
The other things which you call outlandish, i call possible. Plausible, probably not, but possible, yes. I'm not living in any kind of enslaved paranoia either. It would seem to me with your logic and openness to other possibilities you would concede the mere possibility of absolute power and control over the people by the government.

With it being just a mere possibility, appease me for a moment and tell me what would stop the government from assuming absolute power over the people if the people are not armed?
Yes, it could happen. Lots of things could possibly happen. There aint enough hours in the day, or dollars in the bank, to prepare for every possible outcome, so sometimes it best to start with the things that are most PROBABLE, and then, eventually, if resources permit, work your way down to the things that are merely possible.

There's nothing stopping them from abusing a position of power, just like there was no deterrant for the other countries I mentioned to oppress their citizens either, yet they didnt act on that for hundreds of years.

Whats stopping people from mugging people in wheelchairs? After all, they can't properly fight back, can they? Since there is no threatening deterrent, I guess everyone in a wheelchair has their valuables stolen on a weekly basis... or maybe, people are not always a bunch of savages, who will ruthlessly pounce on a victim in a vulnerable position at the very first opportunity.

You have a panicked public, and the people who want more gun control outnumber those who dont at the moment. Like it or not, that's a fact.

If your argument is that you cant limit someone's guns because it weakens the deterrent against government tyranny, then you better find a way to convince those folks that such tyranny is a far more clear and present danger than some crazed gunman at a school. Just since Newtown, already there have been several shootings as schools (with not the same victim count, fortunately), so good luck with convincing worried parents Hitler is around the corner.

I do agree it sucks for all the responsible gun owners who dont go shooting up schools to be penalized, but I think the public patience to do nothing at all has been exhausted. Something has to change. It would be nice if whatever it was, actually made things safer.. No, I dont think that going from 10 rounds to 7 rounds will do that; but I dont think it will impose an insufferable penalty on recreational gun users either. OK, you gotta change magazines that much more frequently at the gun range, big deal. They're hardly saying you have till Jan 31st to turn in all your firearms, although you'd think they were saying that, given the drama stirred up by some people screaming that the 2nd amendment is being trampled.