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Originally Posted by GOLFFRR View Post
^^40 DU thats sick! I have been trying to do those dang things for 2 weeks, i have so many lash marks on my legs and arms from the stupid speed rope but Im getting there, I am up to 7 in a row I suck at DU for now.

muscle ups already after two weeks beast!
I feel you! Those damn speed ropes with leave some nice welts. The first few days I was hitting myself in the shins so much I was bleeding.

If you're still learning I would stay away from the speed ropes until you find your rythm. I used a heavier rope until I figured out a good rythm. Plus a thicker rope is easier to see and believe it or not it helps with timing when you can see the rope coming around. Also a heavier rope doesnt need to be spun as fast to keep its form. You have to spin the speed ropes pretty fast to keep them from collapsing.