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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
Yes, it would be as easy for them as it has already been in Canada or Australia or England for 200+ years now. Remember, as recently as 100 years ago, England effectively still "ran the world". They were the World Police, the USA of their time. The English people then certainly couldnt rely on the USA coming in to protect them, and yet their citizens didnt feel that the absence of such offshore protection created a need to be heavily armed themselves to deter tyranny.
Other than disarming Scottland to put down a rebellion, and attempting to disarm the American colonies (leading to a revolution), the English didn't have many gun laws until the pistol act of 1903. Oh- you can put disarming India on there, too. The only times they tried to control guns was to put down rebellion amongst their "subjects".

For anyone who really feels that the only thing stopping the gov, your own fellow Americans, from being the next Hitler is the deterrent of you shooting them dead if they try, then man, I don't know what to say.
Nobody said that is the only thing- it's the last resort.

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