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Originally Posted by pgviper View Post

I graduated high school in 2007 and every day we had a police car outside the main door, security at every entrance and id's that we always had to carry on us. At the time, this seemed a bit excessive however looking back on it, these were necessary measures not to protect the students from themselves but to protect them from outside dangers. This is the type of security that we need. Obama can talk all day how we shouldn't have guns at school but his kids probably have a dozen armed guards standing around them at their school at all times. Is this because his kids are worth more??? F**K NOOOOOOO!!!! We use armed guards to protect our banks, our airports, train stations, etc... but what about our most prized possessions. I am only 23 but I know that if I asked any parent if they would trade their lives for their childs, they would say yes. So why are we willing to put more protection around what we are willing to give up rather than protecting what we value most????
While I agree with the rest of what you said, I wanted to point out that I was in high school in 1978-81 in Kentucky and we had armed guards with long guns at every entrance/exit in our school. This was long before any of the current things going on, and we never really had a problem with any kind of violence, it was just something that the people came together and said, lets make sure that the school is a safe place for everybody, regardless of if there was a problem before or not.