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Originally Posted by Ti335 View Post
Audi was never big in USA (still isn't, really). But go to Europe and especially Germany, and you'll see a different
Yes, I guess that was my point. In a way I'm being ignorant? But I believe to be big, you have to be truly global. To my knowledge, Audi does not have the same appeal as BMW or Mercedes in Asia, Middle East, Sourh America either.
But from what I hear, Audi is the best seller in Western Europe.
This year, BMW sold 1.8 mil, Audi sold 1.6 mil, Mercedes sold 1.45 mil (I forget exactly)
That makes me super curious if Audi's are super common in Europe

All I was trying to say was that Audi is not a truly prestigious brand imo, not as desirable as BMW, the same way BMW isn't quite as prestigious as Mercedes. (We've come a long way in the past 20 years though)

I see Mercedes and BMW almost every street and every time I'm on the freeway but I don't see Audi's nearly much at all and I do pay attention for cars when I'm on the road