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Originally Posted by 6MT M3 View Post
I thought we had it bad in California... then I thought.. fuck... we're next... What if you have one of those revolvers that hold 8+ rounds? technically its a bunch of chambers and not a magazine.. I may be wrong...
We are allowed to keep any 10rnd mags that we currently own. We may not load more than 7rnds in them however. In 90 days it will be now illegal to purchase 10rnd mags, they are now deemed "high-capacity".

This in effect is a back door way to stop semi auto pistols in the state. Most of them are all 10rnd mags with the exception on certain 1911's and sub-compacts.

Any pre-1994 made 30rnd AR mags (have always been legal) are now illegal and must be disposed of.

AR-15's and any rifle with 1 evil feature and now illegal to purchase.

All currently owned "AW" must be registered (no registration system created yet) and can only be sold out of state, kept by the original owner, or destroyed.

NICS check on all ammo sales.

NICS check on private sales.

Online ammo sales banned.

CCW licenses must be "re-certified" ever 5 years. (no details on this one yet)
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