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Originally Posted by Nate4641 View Post
One thing I think people are missing in the comparison between countries is culture, population and how the two clash. Other countries are fine with their restrictive gun laws because of their lower populations and less diverse cultures in their populations. Firearm ownership is a huge part of some American culture, but not all of it. America could easily become two very successful, separate, countries if people were tolerant to the idea of giving up land on one side or the other in order to live with people who share the same ideas. In many of these countries that have been referenced very few grew up with firearms the way many Americans have so it is understandable that they're opinions are going to differ. It is a useless comparison. Imagine if Germany was to do away with unrestricted speed limits on the autobahn. The German people would be outraged for understandable reasons to them, but the issue would seem stupid and pointless to the rest of the world who see speed limits as a normal every day part of life, and it keeps their kids safer.
+1000. That's what I was getting at earlier.

I lived in Germany for four years. I didn't live on a military installation either (even though I was stationed there). I was allowed to live off-post in the middle of a German town. I had neighbors that were pretty good and nice and liked to talk to me, and some that couldn't care less that I was there and didn't want to talk to me. Talking to a handful of people from a couple of countries every now and then because of work is totally different from living there and seeing their culture first hand for four years. I'm not saying I am an expert on German culture and history, but I think I know a few things.

You are correct in saying that point is being completely missed, and it's not really a good comparison to make.
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