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Originally Posted by Nkc View Post
quite common. I drive in china about 2-3 times a week and I'm ashamed to say but that's what I would see on a monthly basis. Just straight up assholes driving without the care for others. Backing up on a highway, driving in the wrong direction on a highway, driving on the shoulder, high beams 24/7, speed limit 100km, drives 60 because he/she is on the phone and cant fucking multitask, switching lanes without even checking or blinking, can't pick a lane, miss an exit on highway then backs up.

I've driven in a lot of countries and this is by far the most fucked up especially with the amount of cars on the streets and an infinite amount of assholes.

If you want to learn how to drive like a ass, this is the place to be. Possibilities are endless, its like reckless driving without consequences.
You are right. After +20.000kms of driving in China as a foreigner, I hardly notice anymore. You just reminded me it is not supposed to be like that.

On the plus side. If you do anything wrong in Germany, intentionally or not, someone will call the police, or otherwise try to teach you a lesson. And you are much more likely to have someone pointing the middle finger at you if you f up while driving in the US. It is very silly I think, because people like me usually know, and feel bad already, if something went wrong. Such things would never happen here. It is much more dangerous and risky to drive in China, but you are also more free to drive they way you like. And I have grown to like that.

All of my foreign friends, who has ever owned cars in China, say they like to drive here. But more than 50% of them have also been involved in minor or not so minor collisions...

People are generally very tolerant here. The video displays a kind of road rage that I do not find to be common here. Drivers honk all the time, but if you look at their facial expressions, or drive with a mainlander who uses the horn constantly, you will find it is rarely meant in an aggressive way. Not at all. I like this absence of aggression (and arrogance) alot. Of course it happens, but it usually takes a lot more to provoke it than everywhere else.

But you hear about accidents all the time. Just during the past month, a friends' friends' husband got killed in a traffic accident. And I had another friend who accidentally hit and injured a pedestrian.

Despite all the bad habits, I do not think people here are actually trying to be assholes in any way. They are just driving that way, and they expect others to do the same.

They think like this: I cut you off when I need to, and I also expect you to cut me off when you need to. I use the high-beams constantly, and so can you. And most people dont use the seat-belts. It is totally up to you if you want to or not. And that is just how it is...