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Originally Posted by sonicbimmer19 View Post
Yes, Audi was basically non-existent in 80s and before. Technically their history does go back to 1909, but majority of it was as a defunct brand and a part of Auto Union which became Audi.
Audi was not an official brand until the mid 80's and their naming convention, eg. A4, A6, etc started in the 90s.
I see Audi in the same level as Lexus. Sure, they are luxury brands and share the market with Mercedes-Benz and BMW but I don't see them as equal to Mercedes-Benz or BMW.
Sorry, but I think you are hallucinating. Audi was a brand name since the late 60's. My girlfriend's father had an Audi 100 in the mid 70's and he absolutely hated it (it was a POS). It wasn't badged "Audi 100 Built by little-known Auto-Union of Germany". As I remember it all Audis sucked until the Quattro became popular in the late 80's (and as far a build quality it still sucked).

So now that Audi is part of the VW group is it a VW or an Audi? Just curious.