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Engine Malf.

So I just changed the spark plugs and it wasn't that difficult with the exception of cylinders 4 and 8. I torque to 25nm just to make sure (spec is 23) and put everything back together. Coils are in nicely with the pop, everything is connected, but when I turned on the engine (and I tried this a few times over and over) I keep getting an engine malf. BT cables pulls up 2755, cylinder 3 ignition elect. diagnostics.

I first thought the coil wasn't set properly. I reinstalled it, still an issue. Okay, maybe the coil is bad and I ruined it. Switched it with cylinder 2 coil, same code. So I am guessing that either a wire got snipped, or maybe the plug was bad, but does anyone know exactly what this code means? I was also very careful when doing this.
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