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Originally Posted by BMW Fanatic View Post
To be honest, I am very glad they have hired somebody who has a good reputation on this board. I have definitely seen you, and your car around on here. I'm guessing that it was Sean who moved on, not Bobby?

I am very reluctant to hold grudges but at the same time can say I am still frustrated with Bobby, Sean and Arkym. My only concern and all I ever wanted was my $$ refunded and Arkym to man up and admit their mistakes. To this day I still have not recieved a reply since SEMA, and from the main guys since before SEMA. I have given up completely on this fact and just know to stay away from their products.

If their is anything you might be able to do then please let me know, otherwise, good luck on your new journey with this company and may God bless you.
BMW FANATIC speaking of seeing someone everywhere your everywhere! Bobby was the one who got let go of handling m3 post as you might know already his communication with clients might have been questionable. I am here for this community now and will do everything to turn the reputation of this company into a very promising and reliable one and about the refund i do not know exactly what happened between you guys but i will definitely talk to my boss and see what we can do for you to make this right.