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....when "driving for your passenger's comfort" is no longer an objective.'re tapped out of adrenaline on a daily basis. take routes that were a waste of time in a "regualar car", but now are now the only way to get to point A to B. (This confuses the wife, "you used to hate to go this way...")
....start racing motorcycles, which are more than happy to oblige (they also help to reveal cops in hiding ahead of you, while you have it WOT)
....when mini-vans try to "prove" something, while you're cruising along at 60mph or at a stop light...
....when you pop your hood after you pull in to the garage just to admire your engine.
....when you buy more micro fiber clothes than toilet paper at costco.
....when others ask you what you drive and you have to think for a moment to assess the situation, because you want to minimize "hate-and-discontent".
.....when the old dude driving the $120K 7-series is checking your ride out.