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Originally Posted by abitrandom View Post
just took photos of the weights.. and I said WTF!! all the rims have these!! i didnt even realize this.

how many are they supposed to put?
Lol this sucks man... Sorry you are having to deal with this.

It would be normal to have the long strip on there by itself. That would be normal. I imagine what they did was balanced the wheel and the machine told them to apply "x" amount of weight where the longest strip is. Then after they do that the machine rotates again and under normal situations it should balance out after they have applied weights to the inner barrel and outer barrel.

What it appears happened... The machine did not balance out and instead it said "uh oh, your wheel is not balanced" and was calling for the tech to apply more weight. This is where the tech goofed. It shouldn't call for more weight after he has done it properly. So he should have removed the first weight he applied and tried again with spinning it for the initial weight. Instead he applied a small amount of weight to the right of the longest strip... And then tried to spin it again at which point it obviously didn't balance out again. So this time the machine said you need to add more weight and the machine pointed basically right in the middle of the longest strip. Probably totally confused at this point the tech applied a few more pieces immediately behind the first strip. He probably spun it again and it may have said it balanced out or he may have just given up and said fuck it and put the wheel on your car out of balance. But once you get it on the car it's probably a total mess regardless of whether the machine said it balanced or if he just screwed you over.

If it was taking a long time as you said, he might have gotten a bit embarrassed and decided to put it on your car assuming you would never know the difference.

Regardless of size, car tires are the easiest wheels to balance. Truck tires are a fucking pain in the ass. The balancer is trying to counter the heaviest parts of the tire and wheel against each other so that when its spun with centrifugal force it moves in a perfectly round circular motion. If you think about a hula hoop, it's pretty much perfectly balanced. But then add a small amount of weight to one point and all of a sudden the hoop moves in a weird fashion and gets thrown off at the extreme distance away from your body. It's basically like that in theory.

(take everything I say with a grain of salt... It's been years since I have balanced a wheel and I'm sure I am rusty at best with my recollection of the process)