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Originally Posted by Ti335 View Post
I used to have a E90 335i (with the N54 engine) and a number of other BMWs prior to that. I currently drive an A5 S-line. I love both brands but feel that Audi has surpassed BMW as a better overall car, and even, dare I say, better driver's car. Also, Audi is constantly improving and making their cars more driver-oriented, while BMW is moving in the opposite direction and is quickly becoming the second Mercedes.

As far as build quality, it's not a night and day difference but Audi is definitely better, especially when it comes to attention to detail (i.e. tighter gaps between body panels, better paint, better rust protection, etc.)

With regards to the S4 engine being prone to heatsoak, this is the first time I hear it. The 3.0TFSI is a great engine and its official stats are waaay underrated (kind of like the N54, but not the N55). This is why the S4 is so much faster than the F30 335i despite being heavier.

It's sad that BMW is losing sight of what made it successful in the first place. ten years ago, BMW was the undisputed driving machine. No other company made 4-door cars that could rival BMW in terms of handling and driving feel. Nowadays, BMW is just another luxury car brand.
I disagree

Much faster ? S4 is 3 to 4 tenths of a second faster.

Build quality is about equal on today's cars. Older cars not so much ever worked on an old Audi or VW? The plastics are so brittle they turn to dust.

Now as far as drivers car sorry. RWD takes skill to get around a track fast. Now don't get me wrong Audi makes a fine car but it drives to much like a 5 series then a trust sports car.

We will both take up for our brands we drive now. I could have bought anything from a S4, S6, C63 or so on. The 3 series is a special car but more importantly BMW is more of a lifestyle. BMW is more focused on the drivers experience. BMW has Dinan, and there own performance parts. BMW has an amazing facility the performance center. Audi not so much. Also if I want I can make my 335i fast and still keep my Warrenty with Audi I can't.