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Originally Posted by 6spdg37s View Post
After years of thinking and debating Ive decided that I am going to begin the hunt for a fox body mustang (87-93) to build

want to put a 351 windsor in it set it up for track (1/4 mile) but still streetable.

preferably an 87-88 so that I can get historic plates on it...

craigslist has tons of them problem is people selling POS's for tons of money

waiting to find a good deal on one worth getting

who has built a drag car ?
I have built a few foxbodies. They car fun cars and you can buy any part for them. They have the best aftermarket support of any car ever made. The parts do tend to add up quick as they do break when tracked often.

Just know people who sell them lie about everything on their foxbody. To how much horsepower, and how fast it is.

Last thing you will never get anything close to what you out into it.

But they are great project cars and a blast to drive.