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Originally Posted by Z K View Post
I really doubt it can hang with the Evo and STI. It would need 300+ hp, a really well sorted performance AWD system and by then it will cost at least 10k more then the Evo/STI anyway.

The base CLA is already 30k without any options. A well equipped CLA will be $40k with options then add your AMG premium.
Hmm maybe in stock form, it will be faster than the EVO and STi on a straight line? Its like comparing the 2012 c63 vs 2012 m3. The c63 will be always be faster than the M3 on a straight line stock VS stock.

I have to agree with you on the AWD system. Performance wise, MB would have to make vast improvements on their AWD system if they ever decided to compete with the EVO and Sti when it comes to handling.

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