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Originally Posted by MediaArtist View Post
This idea that the U.S government can never become tyrannical or turn on its own citizens being propagated by the left is frightening. It's scary, I am literally afraid that the left will manage to get a blanket ban (which btw is their ultimate goal), and we'll be defenseless against tyranny.

The 2nd amendment exists for a reason, and our forefathers knew this reason personally. German citizens of Jewish descent wished they had these rights in 1939.

I'm not some wacky, tin-foil, anarchist who thinks all government is bad, but to assume the U.S government can never turn on its own citizens is lunacy. The threat of armed citizen resistance is one of the reasons this hasn't happened in over 200 years, but now? I feel like 1776 is due for a sequel if this continues.
This. I'm not wearing tinfoil either but i'm also not going to be deer in the headlights surprised if the shit did hit the fan in this country.

Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
When 75% of gun deaths are caused by gang violence in inner cities, it's hard to take this type of legislation seriously. How can they possibly think that this will have an impact when the overwhelming majority of the deaths are caused by guns that are already illegal?!? Guns are already nearly entirely banned in NYC, yet murders still occer, albeit largely contained within certain demographics. Also, as a % of all gun deaths in NY state last year, less than 1% of them were with a long gun (they don't specify beyond rifle/pistol). What a fucking joke. I am so sick of hearing "we have to get these semi-automatic guns off the street!" They don't seem to realize that they've been around since 1883 and that even a revolver is a semi-automatic weapon. They seem to think it's another word for a machine gun (i.e. fully auto). I'm so sick of listening to these dummies and their misinformation!
No body cares about the truth and real statistics.

Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
I was talking about Jews in Germany. During WW2, the Jews in Israel (which wasn't called Israel at that time) were not trucked off to concentration camps in the same huge numbers that the Jews in Germany were. The fact remains the Jews in Germany are not as heavily armed today, and dont seem to be trying hard to correct that. You'd think they'd have a reason to...

The Jews in Israel ARE heavily armed today, because of a very long history of people who want them wiped off the map. Today, most of the threat of that arises not from a risk that the Israeli gov will tyrannically oppress them, but that Arabs operating under a different government want them gone. Theres no "protection from your own gov" argument there.

I wasnt asking if you cared what a foreigner thinks of the US constitution. They dont care. What they DO care about is their own life. If you believe the risk of government tyranny is universal, then they are under the same risk as you, and yet they sure dont act like it, despite more recent examples which might leave them understandably more concerned about it.

There are some possible explanations for this: either they know something you dont, or they foolhardy. I've thought about the first possibility, just wondering if you had. Seemed like a fair question to ask.
Never the less, this is a perfect example of an entity wanting to exterminate another. Wonder why that hasn't happened yet...... i wonder what would happen to Israel should they relinquish their weapons.....

Principle is principle and the same cause and effect is applicable; we want you dead, but you have means of defense. We want to control you; but can't because you have means of defense.

Again, i'm not saying the governments goal is to rid americans of their firearms as a way to enslave us all. But that doesn't mean that another reason can rid americans of their firearms and a completely different government, 10 years down the road won't recognize an opportunity to benefit from enslaving us all. And won't it be much easier for them?
"There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice. -Charles de Secondat"