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As most suspect, it is risky on the outer shroud. I dont expect that the shroud gets that hot because it is made of plastic. How hot does a cars hood get in the middle of the summer? Tons of cars are wrapped and bare the elements year round.

I chose the vinyl because its what I'm wrapping the car with therefore will match perfectly. Painting may be difficult to match exactly since its metallic yet matte. Only time will tell how the outcome will be. I plan to put a battery charger on the car in the garage and turn the high beams on for a few mins, then check the temp on the shrouds.

The rings are Luce Produkt Dual Orbs. Paint will be Rustoleum Satin Black and primer, both made for plastic. Also adding white led running lights in place of the amber running light.

The lenses were rock chipped so I sanded them with 220 up to 2000.

Will post some more pics up as I progress, but again Im slow due to working so much.