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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
Have you ever lived in another country? Just curious.

Look up the US Air Force bus that was shot up by some lunatic living in Germany a few years ago. Wait, don't bother looking it up:

Oh, but that stuff doesn't happen in countries with tough gun laws, huh?

Thru work I regularly deal with a LOT of people from all over. Spent more social time after work havin a beer with folks from Canada and Australia. They both like their beer. Anyway, I've had some pretty interesting conversations about this sort of thing. People are very respectful and polite to start, but after a while, if you are patient (and they've had enough to drink ), you'll find they tend to often express curiosity or dismay at the state of things stateside.

They seem to be unconcerned with the risks of government tyranny, and it really doesnt seem to me to be rooted in the belief that American forces will come and rescue them. There seems to be a "if you dont have a gun, then I dont need one either" type mentality. They dont seem to be quite so fixated on the "but the bad guy has one" component, which is interesting, but yet their stats speak for themselves. No place is risk free, as the German bus shooting proves, but theres a big gap in gun death rates, and lots of room for improvement. Shrinking that gap would be a good thing, right?

I dunno, sometimes these folks make some pretty good points. One person said something to the effect that "People want to have more guns because theyre afraid of people who have guns. It would be funny it if wasnt so tragic".