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Originally Posted by Holander
Originally Posted by VCMpower View Post
Yes, its deep maybe too deep , For example 1M is absolutely amazing car, but engine is not a masterpiece of engineering, like e46 M3. Just think how amazing work they do whit S54 N/A cylinder head ports, intake- and exhaust manifold to pull that like power and torque curves, N-series engine need 1bar exess pressure to got same power, 1M N-engine is maybe better an daily drive, so is turbo`s bad? Its buyers choice.

But something on S-engines engineering, S54 engine piston speed is almost same that F1 engine, S54 got so low rod ratio, because low rod ratio means better torque on low rpms. But there is problem to solved. Inline six has massive vibrations on high rpms and low rod ratio makes it only worse, I think they need lots of knowledge on Procar M88 engines to handle it. So I think only Bmw Motorsport GMBH can make that like engine, this make`s that S54 engine is so special, like S14 motor.
There is still more potential, but emissions...Nowack pulls modificated S54 stunning numbers 404bhp at 8,300rpm and 407Nm torque at 4,200pm. That is 135bhp/litre. Engine runs normal 98 octane pump fuel.

Brabham F1 M12/13 turbo engine is good example, Coswort try to make same like I4 engine but they broke lots of engines in dyno, they cannot handle the vibrations. So only choice is change the engine layot on V6 turbo.

New F/I engines are better for fuel economy and makes lots of torque and power on low rpms, they are cheaper to made, but they arent so masterpiece of engineering.
It's impossible for an inline 6 to have major vibrations at high rpm's as they're perfectly harmonically balanced

That's not how it works -_-