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Originally Posted by MediaArtist View Post
Israel has one of the highest gun ownership rates in the world per capita (higher than the U.S in fact). They also have the highest per capita military spending in the world. So if I asked those Jews about your "question", I think they would say you're full of shit.
I was talking about Jews in Germany. During WW2, the Jews in Israel (which wasn't called Israel at that time) were not trucked off to concentration camps in the same huge numbers that the Jews in Germany were. The fact remains the Jews in Germany are not as heavily armed today, and dont seem to be trying hard to correct that. You'd think they'd have a reason to...

The Jews in Israel ARE heavily armed today, because of a very long history of people who want them wiped off the map. Today, most of the threat of that arises not from a risk that the Israeli gov will tyrannically oppress them, but that Arabs operating under a different government want them gone. Theres no "protection from your own gov" argument there.

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As for your last point, why would I care what some foreigner thinks about the U.S Constitution? Unless they are a citizen, pay taxes, and have voting rights, I couldn't care less about what they think about our Constitution. If they want to come here and live in the country, they should respect our laws, or stay where they are.
I wasnt asking if you cared what a foreigner thinks of the US constitution. They dont care. What they DO care about is their own life. If you believe the risk of government tyranny is universal, then they are under the same risk as you, and yet they sure dont act like it, despite more recent examples which might leave them understandably more concerned about it.

There are some possible explanations for this: either they know something you dont, or they foolhardy. I've thought about the first possibility, just wondering if you had. Seemed like a fair question to ask.