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Originally Posted by carve View Post
Austria was taken over by Hitler. Switzerland wasn't.

Any western democracy knows the US would not currently allow a tyrant to take over, and they take that security umbrella for granted. What about us? Who watches the watcher? If I were a citizen of any other western democracy, I'd be very happy the US has a heavily armed populace.

So why dont the citizens of Austria fight vigorously to get even more gun rights then the US has? Like I said, if the risk of government tyranny was legitimate today, then those Austrians should be crapping their pants as bad as anyone right now, until everyone there gets a rifle with unlimited magazine size. Yet they are not.

Do you truly believe they are unconcerned simply because they are entirely relying on American soldiers coming to liberate them again if the shit does hit the fan ?

I'd suggest that older Austrians (or Germans, etc etc) who lived thru the last time, will still recall that liberation took years, and their parents, siblings, etc where killed during that wait, would not likely adopt such a relaxed approach if they thought such a risk was real.